We were approached by TEAM DR JOSEPH to create a refreshed identity. Our objective was to develop an identity and packaging design to be both sustainable and sustained. An identity which was in alignment with the quality of TEAM DR JOSEPH’s formulae, and helping articulate the family’s attention to detail and commitment to producing result-driven skincare — sustainably.

We constructed the TEAM DR JOSEPH’s identity from the ground up, starting with their basic identity and packaging: upgrading the quality of finishes, engineering a new packaging system and product visuals, along with making the small adjustments to improve communication, ready for their growth into new markets, all while maintaining the core identity their existing clientele have come to recognise and love.

The revised packaging shows a handful of carefully considered details from the revised wordmark, the introduction of a new insignia, typographic updates and material updates, including a new recyclable wooden cap and FSC recycled paper produced domestically in Italy. A detail we are incredibly proud of is the culmination of many hours of research and development to create the new flower detail on the box. Founder Erb. Dipl. Dr. Joseph Franz during his research has collected flower presses from the laboratories’ gardens since 1986 in a library called the Herbarium. We have taken scans of the flowers and created 1:1 embossings of these pressing them into the packaging for a tactile finish and meeting the objective of eliminating coloured inks from the product packaging.


Photography: Richard Gaston, Kirsty Dawn​​​​​​​​​​​​​​